Plantation Resident Injured in Explosion to File Lawsuit

Bernstein|Polsky Law Firm to Seek Damages for Physical, Emotional Trauma

BOCA RATON, FLA. (July 11, 2019) – A Plantation man out for a Saturday workout and injured by the massive shopping center explosion has hired an attorney to seek damages for physical and emotional trauma. Gonzalo Rubio was at LA Fitness when the explosion occurred and sustained head trauma caused by falling debris. He continues to suffer psychological trauma as he heals from his injuries.

“Whether this was an accident, negligence, or a criminal act, far too many questions surround this incident. But one thing is clear, the suffering of Mr. Rubio and dozens of other people is far from over,” said Josh Polsky of the law firm Bernstein|Polsky. “Doctors can’t tell him yet how long until his physical or psychological symptoms will resolve, if ever.”

Rubio was one of 23 people reported injured – 19 of those were hospitalized – in the Saturday morning blast at the vacant Pizzafire restaurant at the Market on University, at 1041 S. University Drive. The blast was felt miles away. A host of businesses remain closed; officials have said several structures will be condemned.

The pizza restaurant was under renovation for a new tenant, according to news reports. The gas company told media they had dispatched a crew to the area after received a report of a smell of gas in the area. “Our law office has assembled a team to examine the cause of this loss in conjunction with the investigations being conducted by local and federal law enforcement.”

Investigators with the Plantation Fire Department, the state fire marshal’s office, the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the bomb squad and arson teams from the Broward Sheriff’s Office have not determined whether the incident was an accident, negligence, or vandalism, or whether criminal charges may be filed.

The number of people injured might exceed the 23 reported the day of the event. Some injuries are perceived immediately; others can take days or even weeks to become apparent, Polsky said. Those who suffered any obvious trauma, cuts or abrasions, or now are suffering from headaches, tinnitus, or dizziness should see their physician.

“We’re staying in close contact with the Mayor’s office and authorities to learn as soon as they know the cause of this incident,” Polsky said. “We have investigated a myriad of similar catastrophes in past years and the tale of these innocent victims and bystanders has only started to unfold.”

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