Legal Learning Series Proudly Announces Legal Computer Consultants as its Annual Sponsor for 2015




Legal Learning Series, a leader in legal education, networking and events, announced a new sponsorship from Legal Computer Consultants for its 2015 annual programming. Legal Computer, a leading local technology provider for the legal community, will partner with LLS to provide thought leadership, trends, tips and suggestions as it pertains to information technology within the law firm. Legal Learning Series is overjoyed to welcome Legal Computer as a law firm technology sponsor for 2015, and is grateful for the company’s generosity and support.

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Legal Computer leaders and associates will be in attendance at LLS South Florida events, joining more than 1,000 other legal professionals who are expected to participate in 2015 events. Legal Learning Series is one of the fastest-growing legal education and marketing companies in the nation. Together with the help of its partners LLS will look to further extend its reach into new territories.


Peter Rabbino, Owner, Legal Computer Consultants: “Legal Computer Consultants has made the strategic decision to join the Legal Learning Series (LLS) to provide our law firm clients a broader range of resources to support and improve their law practice.  And as an experienced provider of technology solutions for the legal profession, Legal Computer Consultants will be a able to contribute to the goals of LLS.  We look forward to contributing to LLS and supporting the legal community.”

Robert Friedman, Co-founder and Executive Director of Legal Learning Series: “Legal Learning Series is delighted to welcome Legal Computer Consultants, a locally renowned brand, as LLS’s legal IT sponsor.  Peter and his team have been supporting the community for years and are committed to same principles as our organization which is what makes us great partners. The support we receive from leading sponsors like Legal Computer, and from our existing partners, allows us to provide the absolute best is quality programming and events for the legal community.”


About Legal Learning Series

Legal Learning Series was created to help promote the common business interest of the legal community, educate the legal professionals on what is relevant or topical, and serve as a resource for the entire legal industry. The Legal Learning Series is dedicated to providing higher continuing legal education programs and offering legal experts, consultants, service and technology providers the opportunity to educate the community. We offer comprehensive half day seminars, full day seminars, conferences, lunch and learns, professional development courses to be hosted within law firms, legal networking opportunities, and training for litigation support, eDiscovery, forensic data recovery and trial presentation. Attendees of the Legal Learning Series include top level professionals: lawyers, judges, administrators, paralegals, legal assistants, case managers, litigation support managers, legal consultants, and others. Join your colleagues in an exciting journey towards setting higher standards in the legal community. Participate in making a difference.

 About Legal Computer Consultants
Legal Computer Consultants (LCC) provides comprehensive technology solutions for South Florida law offices that outsource I.T. management. LCC has the experience to help legal professionals make the right technology choices.  LCC installs and maintains on-premise and cloud solutions for secure networks, case management, billing, document automation, and billing solutions.

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Peter Rabbino, Legal Computer Consultants

Robert Friedman