Rothstein: Lessons Learned Working Inside Florida’s Most Notorious Law Firm


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Lippman, Steve

Steve Lippman

Steven Lippman was a prominent commercial attorney for 25 years. He had achieved much throughout his career. He was a law review editor, served an internship with the most respected federal judge in South Florida and began his career with one of the country’s premier law firms. He founded a boutique business law firm that quickly gained renown as a place where the toughest of cases could be handled; and built a nationwide practice representing many well-known businesses and financial institutions. He was recognized by Best Lawyers in America and other publications for his expertise and was a sought after author and lecturer. For someone who loved the practice of law, he had an idyllic life.

When Steve’s firm fell apart he found a new home that was growing quickly and became South Florida’s most talked about law firm. The firm was led by the publicity seeking Scott Rothstein. The Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler name was prominent at civic, political and charity functions. With flashy parties at his waterfront houses, multiple Ferraris and Rolls-Royces, private jet travel, every public official and candidate vying for his endorsement, and a very public wedding at the iconic Versace mansion on South Beach; Scott Rothstein was always in the public eye. When questions arose about how this firm could grow so rapidly with such flash, Steve disregarded the chatter and plowed away with his work. Before long the secret was out, and Steve’s career came crashing down.

Scott Rothstein was running a massive Ponzi scheme, the largest in South Florida’s colorful history, right out of the RRA offices. Steve was sued by RRA’s bankruptcy trustee, was disbarred and pled guilty to conspiracy, serving 18 months in Federal prison. His story is a cautionary tale about getting too close to unethical conduct without asking the appropriate questions and disregarding his self-doubt.


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