Cannabis LAB Announces Bob Reilly as Marketing Chair for Florida Chapters - Legal Learning Series

Cannabis LAB Announces Bob Reilly as Marketing Chair for Florida Chapters


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL –  May 2017 – Cannabis LAB (cLAB), a brand of Legal Learning Series, recently announced Bob Reilly as Marketing Chairperson for its Florida chapters. Bob, who is also the publisher of HIGHLIFE Magazine, will be responsible for creating a vision for effective marketing strategies and tactics that drive growth throughout the state.  In addition, he will help with overall brand development and messaging in the marketplace. cLAB is looking to set the standard for innovative, interactive, marketing for professionals in the growing Cannabis industry.  “I’m excited for Bob to join the team. This guy is everywhere and has shown a strong commitment to the cannabis movement.  He has a tremendous amount of experience in translating events, concepts, and news into visual art ” said Robert Friedman, Director of Cannabis LAB. “His integrated marketing experience and skill set around modern, scalable marketing methods will allow us to strengthen the cLAB brand and provide our membership the information that they need as we continue to innovate and grow with the industry.”


Bob Reilly is enthusiastic about the new opportunity to contribute and raise the expectations of media in the Cannabis space.  “It is completely astounding that in 2017, we are still fighting to combat the ‘stoner stigma’ around Cannabis.   As the Marketing Chair, I plan to truly reflect the varied perspectives in the industry in a responsible way. My desire is to provide our membership and the community a creative way to engage the media, observers, and professionals in dialogue to guide the legalization movement and drive business opportunities”.

Bob is an award winning designer with 14 design awards to his credit, from Logos to Magazines.

He is Founder/CEO of the Florida based corporation HIGHLIFE Media, Inc. which is a cannabis advertising company that also produces the award winning magazine HIGHLIFE, Florida’s Premier Cannabis Lifestyle Magazine, Bob also serves as Marketing Partner for the Sativa Fashion Brand, a high end hemp clothing manufacturer based in Miami, FL.

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